The Most Nutritious and Delicious Meals

To make something truly nutritious, you have to make it from meal prep companies near me. No more premade meals, nor ready-to-eat food from the grocery store. No more canned soups or loaves of bread, no prepared sauces, lasagnas, or chicken pies.

Next time you grocery shop, make sure you carefully examine the ingredients. Fruits and veggies don’t need any ingredients because they come straight from the earth. All other information is necessary.

I decided to try it and took two hours to go grocery shopping one morning two year ago. I looked through all the packaging and saw that there was nothing that was not natural in nature. It was, in fact, a major wake-up call.

Don’t just believe what you see on pretty packaging. Make sure to read the labels at the back of the package before making a decision. Decide for your self whether colourants, additives, or preservatives are something you would like to include in your diet. Or whether you’re okay with eating large quantities of salt or sugar. Even the most innocent of food items can be full of ingredients that you wouldn’t want to eat. I even discovered a cold roast hen leg and thigh with Demerara sugar. It was probably to give it that brown look.

Now it is back to the basics. You want to get it in its original form.

Go organic! Organic fruit and veggies may be more costly, but the cost of your health and wellbeing is well worth it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that pesticides have been used 50 times more in the last 50 years, and that nearly 23 million tonnes of pesticides are being used worldwide each year. Organic is food that has not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The relevant governing authorities will tell you that you are within the safety limit for a particular food item but they don’t tell you how much you will experience if you consume these small amounts daily for fifty year.

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