Are You Thinking About Investing In Gold?

Thinking About Gold Buying?

This article may have the most valuable information you’ll ever see! Unless your life has been a living nightmare, you probably don’t know how the silver and gold price have risen. The news media is dominated by gold news! Pay attention to the following article if your goal is to buy gold and silver to supplement your investment portfolio. gold IRA reviews can be a great place to start when you’re trying to choose a company

Why should you buy gold?

Many questions may be posed by newcomers to the silver and gold market. You may be asking, “Why do I need to buy gold?” It’s a valid question. You’ll probably get a completely different answer depending on the person you ask. I’ll tell you the reason you should buy gold. GOLD IS MONEY!

Notice that I didn’t say “if”, but our currency is going to fail (and it should). If our paper money becomes worthless, physical gold (and/or silver) will be accepted worldwide as currency. The only way to get the necessities of life will be through gold.

Another reason to own gold is… Because it is a great store of value! Gold does not lose its value. An average home today will cost the same amount as it did in 1920s. The dollar value and the price of gold have an inverse relationship.

Gold prices fall when the dollar is high. The gold price increases when the dollar falls.

Quick Historical Fail: Over the course of history, all major fiat currencies have failed. While the U.S.dollar has enjoyed a successful run, it is soon to end. Don’t forget the lessons of the past.

The United States is facing a TRAUMATIC Economic Disaster! It’s only a matter-of-time before this perfect economic storm strikes. If that happens, hyperinflation is likely and the dollar may crash.

Gold-owners, and I don’t just mean physical gold, but stocks of gold companies, are likely to be wealthy. At the time of writing, gold costs approximately $1,500 an troy ounce. I predict that the gold price will surpass $5,000 per anounce in two years or less.

Another reason not to invest in gold? Yes, it’s possible to make a decent profit if the gold or silver you purchased in recent years has been held on to. You should not try to play roulette with silver and gold’s prices.

It’s a hedge against inflation, so buy gold! It is a hedge to inflation Your money becomes worthless when prices rise and dollar purchasing power falls. If I’m wrong, hyperinflation is not happening and you still want to buy tons of gold and other silver.

What is the worst possible thing that could happen for you? You would still have tons of gold and other silver. Guess what? The value in gold and silver is NEVER ZERO

Problems with Gold as a Money

The dollar will crash and people will start to use gold as a currency for business transactions. Gold bars, gold coins, and jewelry won’t always be practical. They are too heavy and will not be useful. A 5-pound one-ounce silver coin won’t be enough to buy groceries.

Answer: Buy small quantities of gold. More details will follow.

Where Can You Find Gold

It seems that gold appears to be everywhere. It’s everywhere you look these day, isn’t it? These “Cash For Gold” locations appear to be located in every major city in the country. They will pay you back if you mail in your gold. Every other television advertisement promotes gold commemorative coin!

Important Tip: Avoid these places. They are a great ripoff. They are gold experts. You’re not. They buy and sell all day gold. You do not. They do it to earn a living. You do not. They’ll beat you all day.

I understand the economic downturn and that people must pay their bills. This is why they turn to selling their precious keepsakes jewelry to make extra cash. Keep your gold and SILVER jewelry. It will become 100 times more in a matter of years.

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