Why it is so important to start a Gold IRA Rollover

The only form of “real money” is silver and gold. In the past, currency was used for many purposes, including paper, shells and beads. Currency is a representation of real money, and also of something that has accumulated value. Visit our website and learn more about gold IRA rollover fees.

Currency or the US dollar GOLD are still the real money. Its value cannot be measured by the dollar sign. Today, however, its representation is by paper. You might think $50 is the same as $50 for the paper money printed on the dollar sign. Absolutely not!

Gold standard

The US dollar is stable when gold is backed up by it. That was the beginning of the dollar’s descent to where it is heading right now: collapse. There’s still some hope.

The main reason why the dollar is losing its value is inflation. The US government removed the US Dollar from Gold’s solid protection against market instability. Because of the national debt and spending, the government will continue to print more paper currency just to survive. Inflation rate and taxes were the final cost. Dollar’s purchasing power has been decreasing. This could mean that your $100 is worth $40.00, if it continues.

When the dollar loses value, it is NOT lost but rather MOVED to another asset that happens to be gold.

Why not invest now in gold?

The great boom in precious metals will be a historical event!

Many financial analysts claim that gold, which is often referred to as “gold”, could be worth anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per ounce. These billionaires are sophisticated investors and billionaires who have billions of dollars invested in it. Do your research if you doubt this claim.

Your investigation should begin with the removal of the gold-standard, national debt, US government size, and inflation. Take a close look at the implications of these facts on the US dollar losing its purchasing strength.

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